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Occupied Investments

With the surplus of distressed homes in Las Vegas, there are a number of home owners that can afford their mortgage but decide to Short Sale their properties for strategic reasons. To lots of people, taking a small hit on their credit score is a very small price to pay compared to being hundreds of thousands of dollars upside down on their home.

With that being said, some homeowners would love the chance to be able to rent their homes back from an investor who may purchase their home as a Short Sell. It’s a win, win situation! The investor gains immediate cash flow after their purchase, and the home owners are able to stay in the home in which they probably love, upgraded and took pride in owning. There are tons of home owners that are able to pay their mortgages but chose not to because they owe more than the home is worth. These owners will just rent a home somewhere else if not given this chance by a smart investor.

Ask me about owner occupied investments. This could be the ideal situation for any investor.