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November Update

Hi, Judging by the buzz on the streets and media outlets, I’d think the housing market was doing worse than what the actual numbers suggest. It’s possible the current statistics are a warning sign, but on average, properties values ...

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September Update

Hi, I speak to people daily about the housing market and everyone I speak with wants to buy. They’re either ready to buy now, or waiting for the market to crash. I’ll continue to say; until I’m proven wrong that the market isn’t cra...

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August Update

Not sure if you receive the Sunday paper, or read it online but please see the article I wrote for the Review Journal in the link below.

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July Update

189% is the amount inventory increased in 3 months since April (that’s a lot). In the past 24 hours, 214 homes hit the market, 98 sold, and 132 homes went into escrow.. Let’s be clear, increased inventory is a GOOD THING. The housing...

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June Update

The market is reaching a turning point in which price reductions are more common, and where buyers have more options. Since my last newsletter in mid-May, available single family home inventory jumped 36%. Higher inventory will eventua...

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May Update

Five years ago in April of 2017 the average sales price was $250K. I can remember a number of people telling me they weren’t buying at the top of the market and they’ll wait for prices to come down. Those people are still waiting and ...

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April Update

Will higher interest rates help tame the rising home prices we’ve been experiencing? The Fed definitely hopes so! Raising interest rates helps slow down the economy by making borrowing more expensive. In turn, traditional home buyers, i...

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March Update

A new record...AGAIN Hi <<First Name>>, 1 out of every 5.5, let’s just say 6 homes on the market today are listed at or above $1M. We’ve been breaking median sales price re...

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February Update

Just in case you missed it: Please click the link below to read the article that I had the honor of writing for the Las Vegas Review Journal.

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January Update

HAPPPY NEW YEAR!!! I hope you and your family are doing well and you stay on track for all of your New Year goals. 2021 in Las Vegas Real Estate was one for the records books, Literally! Was it smooth sailing, or a perfect storm? I...

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