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July Newsletter

Hi, Yes, inventory is low. Yes, demand is high. NO, I’m not too busy to help you. I’ve recently spoken to some old clients and one comment someone said stood out to me. She said, “All you sell are luxury prope...

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June Newsletter

Hi, The Las Vegas real estate market is alive, I promise sometimes I feel like it’s living and breathing! We all know the results of low inventory and high demand, and yes, prices have risen on average. We’ve gone from falling pr...

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May Newsletter

Hi, It's difficult to keep up with all of the happenings here in Las Vegas and all of the people moving to town! There were 96,618 driver’s license surrenders in 2022. Most surrenders came from California ranked at number 1. 1. 4...

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April Newsletter

Hi, Have we come to an end of a cycle or just a blip? Las Vegas was one of the first cities to experience the recent correction in the housing market. In May of 2022 we saw prices hit the all-time record high of $485K. We know the ...

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March Newsletter

Hi, Fun Fact: Housing inventory has decreased 12.5% compared to last month while the amount of homes sold increased by 23.8% Inventory beginning of February: 5,012 Homes sold in January: 1,263 ...

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February UPDATE

Hi, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! There’s a good chance that low inventory and increased demand will begin to push home prices higher very soon. Currently there are only 5,012 homes for sale with 2,587 homes currently in escrow. It seems t...

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January Update

Hi, I hope you and your family are doing well, and you stay on track for all of your New Year goals. I'm not sure if you read our local newspaper the Las Vegas Review Journal, but I had an opportunity to give my thoughts on what to ex...

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December Update

Hi, Single Family home prices are down 2.25% in November from October to a median price of $435K. The amount of sold are down 11%. What caught my attention is that inventory is also down 10% now, compared to October. Maybe sellers...

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November Update

Hi, Judging by the buzz on the streets and media outlets, I’d think the housing market was doing worse than what the actual numbers suggest. It’s possible the current statistics are a warning sign, but on average, properties values ...

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September Update

Hi, I speak to people daily about the housing market and everyone I speak with wants to buy. They’re either ready to buy now, or waiting for the market to crash. I’ll continue to say; until I’m proven wrong that the market isn’t cra...

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